Covid-19 Protocols & Info

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic many massage therapists and other body workers had to close their businesses. I didn’t want to be one of those LMPs. I love being a massage therapist too much to give up without a fight. I also have many high risk clients that need their massages, so I knew I had to find a way to re-open safely.

I closed my office in West Seattle because I could not find a way to make it a safe environment. I started seeing clients in a private space in Tukwila and purchased 2 medical grade air purifiers that remove virus from the air. These air purifiers will clean 1500 sq ft in 10 minutes. Since my treatment room is 110 sq feet the manufacturer states that the air is being cleaned almost immediately. I also have one in my entryway. The space is utilized only by me, so I don’t have to wonder if other people are adhering to the rules I have set up.

Covid-19 Protocols for Safe Haven Massage:

  1. Use medical grade air purifiers constantly in both my treatment room and my entryway that removes virus, bacteria and allergens from the air.
  2. Wearing a mask at all times and a face shield when clients are face up on the table.
  3. Changing shirts between clients or wearing a clean apron over my clothes for each client.
  4. Cleaning all surfaces a client will come into contact with and disinfecting anything they may touch before each client.
  5. Opening doors and windows whenever possible to bring in fresh air to the space. In warm weather an exhaust fan is used in the window to bring in fresh air and remove stale air.
  6. The client restroom is disinfected before each client, including the toilet, sink, door handles, faucets and paper towel holder. It also has a window, air purifier and a ceiling vent fan that I use to keep the air fresh.
  7. Hand sanitizer is available in all rooms.
  8. Laundry is done efficiently and processed ASAP in house. All items on the massage table including blankets are washed after each client.
  9. The face rest is taken apart and disinfected between clients.
  10. The massage table and face rest cushion are covered in a washable non porous spa drape cover.
  11. Allow no less than 30 minutes between when my last client leaves and my next client arrives.

Covid-19 Protocols for Clients to Follow:

  1. When you arrive, please call or text me. If you arrive more than a few minutes early for your appointment I may need you to wait in your vehicle until I am ready for you to enter.
  2. Once inside, I will ask you to wash your hands in the client restroom which is located just inside the front door on the left. After which we will go downstairs to the treatment room.
  3. Please wear a mask at all times. Some clients have a difficult time when face down on the massage table due to clausterphobia. I have some tricks we can try to mitigate that, so don’t stress. So far I have been able to make everyone comfortable. Washington State Health Department requires all persons to wear a mask in health care settings. Hopefully as more people are vaccinated and cases drop we can loosen that requirement for clients. I will continue wearing my mask and shield no matter what happens for clients.
  4. I will ask you to sign a Hold Harmless document and answer a Covid exposure questionnaire.