Here are some of the kind words my clients have shared about me:

“I’ve seen many different massage therapists over the years and Leah is amazing.   She knows the human body, both cognitively and intuitively, and has the ability to zero in on exactly the problem area without me directing her.    I’m a 60 year old stone sculptor and my stature is small.    If it weren’t for visiting Leah on a regular basis, I don’t believe I would be able to keep working at my art.  Leah is truly gifted.  In her hands I feel safe, honored and respected.” ~ Nichole Sharpe, Stone Sculptor/Artist

“I’ve been seeing Leah regularly for over four years.  Leah is incredibly gifted and amazing at what she does.  I always look forward to experiencing her work and healing.  And I always, always can’t wait to return.” ~  Bryan

“Leah puts her whole heart into massage.  She is totally committed to the well-being of her clients.  Her work is intuitive, nurturing, and strong.  Her space truly is a safe haven, and I always leave a session with her transformed and in love with life.” ~ A.J.

“I love my massages with Leah! Her touch is a perfect balance between gentleness and firmness, physically therapeutic yet so relaxing I’ve been known to doze off.  She makes me feel totally nurtured and genuinely cared for when I am there.” ~ Judy Johnson

“I am very self-conscious about my body and I immediately felt comfortable working with Leah.  Leah is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and does a wonderful job of listening to me and determining what my body needs.  After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Leah helped me learn how to listen to the needs of my body and taught me stretching exercises that would help my painful trigger points. Her massages help my circulation and loosens tight muscles.   I have been seeing Leah at least monthly for more than three years and I cannot fully communicate the difference her work has made in my life and in how my body feels.” ~ Paula Rockwell

“I started my massage visits with Leah shortly after I had surgery for breast cancer 3 ½ years ago.  She initially treated the acute symptoms associated with the surgery and the chronic muscle and joint pain that are a result of a drug treatment that I am currently undergoing.  Aside from the cancer, she has successfully addressed the “other” muscle injuries and stresses from my many athletic and outdoor activities that I am still able to fully participate.  In every visit Leah has listened to me and my body and worked in a very professional manner to alleviate the problem at hand.  She has always made an effort to accommodate my unpredictable work schedule.  She is an absolute delight to work with and I look forward to my visits.” ~ Pat